A poem

اَلا يا ايُّـهـا الساقي اَدِر كأساً و نا ولها
, saki, haste, the beaker bring. Fill up, and pass it round the ring

كه عشق آسان نمود اوّل ولي اُفتاد مشكلها
.love seemed at first an easy thing. But ah! The hard awakening

ببُوي نافه يي كاخر صبا زان طـُرّه بگشايد
,So sweet perfume the morning air. Did lately from her tresses bear

زتابِ جَعدِ مشگينش چه خون افتاد در دلها
Her twisted, musk-diffusing hair. What heart’s calamity was there

شبِ تاريك و بيم موج و گردابي چنين هايل
,A mountain sea, moon clouded o’er, and nigh the whirlpool’s awful roar

كجا دانند حال ما سبكباران ِ ساحلها
?How can they know our labour sore, Who pass light-burthened on the shore

مرا در منزل جانان چه امن عيش چون هردم
,Whithin life’s caravanserai, what brief security have I

جرس فرياد ميدارد كه بربنديد محملها
“!When momently the bell doth cry, “Bind on your loads; the hour os night

بـِمي سجّاده رنگين كن گـَرَت پير مُغان گويد
;Let wine upon the prayer-mat flow, An if the taverner bids so

كه سالك بيخبر نبوَد زِ راه و رسم منزلها
.Whose wont is on this road to go. Its ways and mannerswell doth know

همه كارم ز خودكامي بـه بدنامي كشيد آخر
;Mark now the mad career of me, from willfulness to infamy

نهان كي مانـَد آن رازي كزو سازند محفلها
?Yet how conceal that mystery, where of men make festivity

حضوري گر همي خواهي ازو غايب مشو حافظ
;HÁFIZ, if you wouldst win her grace, Be never absent from thy place

مَتي ما تـَلقَ مَن تهوي دَعَ الدّنيا و اهملها
.When thou dost see the well-loved facc, Be lost at last to time and space


~ by pegahespantman on November 7, 2009.

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